IFS.ai in Energy, Utilities & Resources

IFS.ai will unlock customer experience and assets & resource productivity and management. Utilities can broaden their service offerings and become more responsive to customer demands using AI to drive automation and help them differentiate their customer services.

How can IFS.ai help?

Extend operating lifetimes and work smarter with Asset Lifecycle Management. Utility networks are ageing worldwide planning, scheduling, and dispatching are manual processes for many teams today. IFS.ai’s technology can help streamline and optimize assets and services in the field and across the entire customer lifecycle.

Forecasting & Simulation:

Using historical data to find patterns and enable simulation across the entire project life cycle.

  • OPEX vs CAPEX for asset management prioritization
  • Automatic work bundling for the same asset
  • Real-time inventory for distribution & ordering


Take inputs such as goals, constraints, jobs, and resources to optimize outcomes.

  • Community impact minimization
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling
  • Route planning for carbon offset calculation

Anomaly Detection:

Automatically identify anomalies through thresholds, business logic and real-time data.

  • Asset failure response decision support
  • Trigger automated purchase & work orders
  • Theft Prevention with visual AI


Provide users with the insight they need and recommend corrective actions.

  • Risk-based issue prioritization
  • Capacity adjustment suggestions
  • AI workforce planning feedback

Contextual Knowledge:

Analyze large volumes of data to deliver to users in a simple way.

  • Automated capacity plan adjustment
  • Vehicle use monitoring
  • Reduce manual adjustments to demand plans

Content Generation

Generate content throughout the project to support predictive budgeting and forecasting.

  • Crew roster generation
  • Crew matrix recommendation
  • Personalized training materials


  • Time to value from AI in up to 2 years - 64%
  • Data complexity is a challenge to AI value - 82%
  • Skills not as needed for wider AI adoption -83%

IFS.ai is Industrial AI:
Organizations can make data the strategic asset they need to build business resilience, mitigate risks, support their sustainability strategy and meet their goals.


It can be hard to know where to start with AI.

IFS has a proven engagement model that drives results for you and your business.

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