IFS realizes seamless intercompany processes for Dolezych, driving digitalization and organizational transformation company-wide

Serving the lifting and load securing industries, Dolezych manufactures a wide range of fabricated products including wire rope assemblies, web and chain slings, lifting points, shackles and lifting appliances. Following a successful go-live in July 2022, the company has implemented the first phase of a new IFS ERP solution. 

Following a successful go-live in July 2022, manufacturer Dolezych has implemented the first phase of a new IFS ERP solution.


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“By embracing IFS capabilities we have transformed our data, our organization and our processes to ensure we can maximize value for customers”

Sven Wasik

CDO and Project Owner

About Dolezych

Founded in 1935, today Dolezych is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cables, lifting, slinging and load-securing equipment, with a portfolio of more than 20,000 products. Headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, and selling globally, the company employs 650 employees and operates seven subsidiary companies in Poland, the USA, Chile, China, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Multi-site, multi-country information held in a single system
  • Full transparency across production and inventory
  • Robust, accurate real-time data a single version of the truth
  • Innovation support to improve the customer experience
  • Visibility and analysis of advanced KPIs

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