IFS Energy & Resources - Reconcile: Brochure

Store essential production data, manage asset structure and associated complex calculations.


IFS Energy & Resources - Reconcile is a configurable software solution that ensures robust and efficient management of validated operational data, allocations and other calculations, and the model of the business’s asset structure over the full operational life cycle.


Learn how Reconcile:


  • Models business asset structure so operations data and calculations are always aligned with the real world business structure
  • Minimizes the number of discrete calculations in the system using template calculations and versions them across time to allow accurate results when re-run
  • Increases reporting performance and correctness by using automatic accumulations that aggregate data, e.g. month-to-date and year-to-date production
  • Reflects changes made to your asset model automatically without personnel needing to change the calculations themselves
  • Improves the efficiency of operations and engineering staff by allowing them to access validated and calculated data in context of the business’s real world asset structure (using IFS Energy & Resources - Explorer)
  • Provides audit compliance of all functions and the ability to drill down into calculations to identify production issues

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