IFS Partner Success

Develop and scale your IFS capabilities to independently deliver projects on time and to the highest quality.


IFS Partner Success is a services program for partners designed to provide support, advice and guidance on all aspects of delivery for IFS solutions. Increase your success rate, drive best practices and experience opportunities for growth.

Working Together with Us

IFS Partner Success provides a structured relationship, with IFS focused on making new or established partners self-sufficient. 

We work in close collaboration to understand partner needs and proactively engage with partners when help is needed.

Each partner is assigned an IFS Partner Success Manager and has an individual success plan. 

Join other partners on the road to success.



Strategic Services Tuned to Partner Needs


Partner Success is an investment you make. Engagements are sized to meet your needs supplementing your skills and the capabilities of your service delivery practices.


Strategic services span across multiple customer engagements or your internal needs.

Self-Service Resources and Knowledge

Fully capitalize on the knowledge available to you through the IFS Academy. Access a range of comprehensive training programs, enablement programs and certifications to deliver value to your IFS customers.

Secure Additional Business 670x413

Secure Additional Business

Partner Success encourages growth in a structured and concerted way. IFS supports partners to develop capabilities, increase capacity and ability to scale up.

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