IFS Partner Resources

Discover resources and other useful information to achieve success as an IFS Partner.


Browse through the IFS Partner portals to find third-party services and platforms that enable success and give all the support you need to deliver amazing Moments of Service to your customers.


IFS Partner Connect

Find all things related to building, registering, and managing your pipeline with IFS.

If you do not have a user ID for partner connect, your IFS administrator within your organization will be able to create a Partner Connect user account for you.

Partner Self-Service Portal 

The place to go for a variety of partner-specific service requests. Raise tickets to the IFS team, who will be ready to support you.

If you don’t yet have access to the Partner Self-Service Portal, your IFS administrator within your organization can raise a request for a new user account on your behalf.


IFS Developer Portal

Have access to development tools and guides for configuring or customizing IFS Applications, all in one single place.

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