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IFS Cloud Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

Use IFS Cloud EAM software to minimize downtime and maximize the profitability of assets by reducing the cost of management and extending lifespan.


IFS Cloud EAM is an AI embedded asset management solution ideal for handling the complex asset demands of industrial businesses and their ESG goals. The solution is composable so you can easily combine it with ERP and Service Management capabilities like project and financial management, supply chain, and field service, but also with optimized maintenance scheduling which helps organizations increase their asset uptime by 20%.

A single solution beyond ERP Icon

More than an Enterprise Asset Management solution

Supply chain, project management, procurement, finance, maintenance scheduling capabilities and more to meet and complement all your complex asset management requirements.

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Optimized maintenance planning and scheduling

With IFS, leverage AI powered dynamic or static maintenance scheduling to ensure your maintenance plans and activities are up-to-day in real-time in the most optimal and efficient way.

End-to-end project and asset lifecycle management icon

End-to-end project and asset lifecycle management

IFS Cloud EAM enables you to manage and control your assets from planning and operational design to maintenance, all the way to refurbishment, recycling or decommissioning.

Build a resilient enterprise with cloud based Asset Management software

Empower teams that manage assets with IFS Cloud asset management tools to make better-informed decisions about how and when assets should be managed, maintained, refurbished, scrapped, or renewed. With IFS Cloud EAM, organizations decrease maintenance costs by approximately 14%*.


Increase operational efficiency with IFS Cloud EAM software

Balance operational requirements against maintenance needs. Run standardized processes to plan efficiently, schedule and execute maintenance activities. Keep your assets available and running at peak performance.


IFS Cloud incorporates EAM software, ERP software and FSM software in a single platform

IFS Cloud addresses the complex needs of organizations whose business models revolve around any combination of services, projects and assets in a single platform.


IFS is the global market leader in EAM!

IFS ranked #1 in the Gartner Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2023 in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) segment by Revenue for the third consecutive year, with a 20.3% share and 36.4% year over year growth.

The role of EAM and sustainability

For asset-intensive organizations like yours, EAM is one of the drivers to achieve sustainability. Your success depends on how well your enterprise assets are managed and maintained.



  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Fleet and Asset Management
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Maximize the value of your Enterprise Asset Management software

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