IFS.ai in Services Industry

AI empowers the service industry by addressing workforce gaps, improving efficiency, and enhancing customer experiences across after-sales services and maintenance.

How can IFS.ai help?

The services industry is witnessing transformative changes driven by technology, customer expectations, and sustainability goals. These trends empower businesses to provide better service by being equipped to make better decisions quickly. Historical data and detailed action plans can enhance efficiency and time management, improve first time fix rates, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Forecasting & Simulation:

Using historical data to find patterns and enable simulation across the entire project life cycle.

  • Schedule & optimize field service operations.
  • Simulate financial impacts of pricing changes.
  • Track asset profitability & maintenance intervals.



Take inputs such as goals, constraints, jobs, and resources to optimize outcomes.

  • Fully autonomous service scheduling.
  • Evaluate contracts for profitability drivers.
  • SLA driven capacity adjustment.


Anomaly Detection:

Automatically identify anomalies through thresholds, business logic and real-time data.

  • Use sensor data for predictive maintenance.
  • Detect damage and wear rates.
  • Identify and prevent data accuracy issues.



Provide users with the insight they need and recommend corrective actions.

  • Next best action for field technician.
  • First-time-fix likelihood for dispatchers.
  • AI-powered safety monitoring with status reports.


Contextual Knowledge:

Analyze large volumes of data to deliver to users in a simple way.

  • History summary for field service technicians.
  • Field service coach for real time guidance.
  • Knowledge assistant for customers & agents.


  • Legacy technology is a barrier to AI - 34%
  • Data complexity is a challenge to AI value - 33%
  • Security & ethical concerns high for AI - 41%  

IFS.ai is Industrial AI:
Organizations can make data the strategic asset they need to build business resilience, mitigate risks, support their sustainability strategy and meet their goals.


It can be hard to know where to start with AI.

IFS has a proven engagement model that drives results for you & your business.

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