Upstream Oil and Gas Land Software

Land software that manages the entire upstream workflow from lease acquisition to land administration and divestiture.

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Acquire and protect your organization's most important assets, drastically reduce lease cycle times, and drive efficiency through automation of the entire E&P land life cycle. Benefit from an unmatched land management experience. 

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Tract and formation-based land software

The only way to calculate truly accurate net acreage values is with a tract and formation-based lease management system. Contract-based systems aggregate ownership, creating inequities and inaccuracies in the value of acreage.

Integration across your operation

Reduce effort by setting up wells, parties, ownership, and production in one system of record with automated integration, ensuring accuracy across departments and eliminating manual re-entry and time-consuming reconciliations.


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Custom reporting

Every upstream oil and gas land team has unique requirements which is why our software comes equipped with a reporting tool that allows users to create custom reports on the fly in Excel. 100+ templated reports are also available.

Real-time visualization on a map

Having a fully integrated and interactive map is essential to any company involved with lease aquisition and land management. Displaying real-time information in an easily consumable way equates to sound decision making.

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  • IFS Tobin
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Virtual land department

Need an extra set of hands? We can provide that and more as your virtual land department. We'll handle all of your back-office land and lease management needs through software that integrates with your landmen's workflows, allowing the seamless flow of data from the field.

Data management

We act as data consultants for our customers, providing them with utmost confidence that their data remains accurate, true to form, and useable from one system to the next. Data integrity is critically important to us. 

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