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Automate workflows, cut manual processes & empower everyone to work smarter with managed services provider software from IFS


From workforce scheduling to ITSM, from parts logistics to contract management: a complete solution to innovative IT services, slash operational costs and transform client experience. 

Evolve past break fix. Embrace the future of service delivery today

Your customers need their managed services provider to deliver innovative services and meet the most demanding SLAs. Download the eBook to learn how IFS service management solutions can enable you to accelerate growth and make service your competitive advantage.


Making complex service simple

Improve technician productivity by 33%, transform SLA compliance and guarantee first-time fix, all with planning and scheduling from IFS. Find out more in this 3-minute video.  

What-If Scenario Planning

Are you struggling to look ahead, predict and plan your service operations? How much cost saving could you derive from territory rebalancing? Discover how IFS can help you plan your service operations of the future


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Solutions and capabilities for managed services

  • Managed Services Software

    Managed services software offers invaluable support to organizations through for example, supply chain management, payroll services, marketing planning, data backup & recovery, transportation and much more.  The software can be adapted to meet your everyday business needs, saving the company time and money, and improving operational efficiencies along the way.

    As businesses become more digital savvy, the need to embrace and adapt to advances in the digital space has never before been so high.  Managed services software can help unite the different facets of your organization, including functions & departments, employees, customers and partners enabling a more streamlined and productive environment.

    IFS offers world class managed services software to help accelerate your business growth and retain its competitive advantage by harnessing our IFS Cloud system which caters to the complex and often disparate needs of managed service organizations.

  • Operations Management in IT Service Industry

    IT businesses often have to manage complex systems and processes.  Operations management in the IT service industry can enhance business growth through innovation and by embracing the latest technological advances.

    The management of IT service operations is an essential process that allows businesses to oversee all of their IT functions from a single source.  Digital acceleration has led to the development of software tools with advanced features that ultimately allow IT service companies to efficiently automate their operations, saving them time, money and other business resources.

    IFS is a renowned leader for operations management in the IT service industry.  Through IFS Assyst, we have helped businesses gain full transparency of their IT operations, allowing them to streamline their multiple processes and provide end-to-end service for their customers.    

Supporting Assets

All companies are disrupted by competitors, customers and outdated notions of how to embrace innovation. Firms look to technology to solve their challenges and optimize business processes across the asset life cycle. Looking for real ROI? Look to IFS.
Learn why IFS is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management for the 6th consecutive year and what that can mean in a world where service delivery excellence is the key to success.
Download the Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Field Service Management 2021 report now to discover why IFS was ranked #1 in complex service and support, #2 in equipment-as-a-service and #3 in appointment-centric use cases.

Solutions for the managed service provider industry

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