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Take control of your field workforce with IFS Service Management


From optimized workforce scheduling and data-driven workflows to remote assistance, predictive maintenance, and servitization – a complete TIC software solution for organizations to slash operational costs and transform the client experience.

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Managing a unique and complex workforce

IFS helps you manage large workforces – including subcontractors – with insight into individual skill sets, optimizing scheduling, planning, and routing processes, and providing data-driven workflows and document management solutions.

Integrate subcontractors into your existing service model

Subcontractors play a vital role in supplementing the service workforce, with an average of 44% of workforce spend going to them. IFS helps you integrate them into your existing service model to ensure customer commitments are met.


IFS Customer Interview with TÜV Nord; leading providers of Testing Inspection Certification services

By integrating AI-driven predictive analytics and service management software, TÜV NORD aims to optimize route and deployment planning, improve resource efficiency, and reduce its environmental impact. With IFS's AI-powered PSO solution, processes will be automated more efficiently, enabling real-time monitoring to minimize downtime and enhance SLAs. By embedding AI-driven analytics, TÜV NORD seeks to proactively reduce its environmental footprint while maximizing business efficiencies.


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