The Power of IFS Energy

Automated processes from the field through financials. Lower OPEX. Higher profitability. That’s the power of IFS energy for upstream oil and gas operators.

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Eliminate manual, burdensome, and error-prone tasks through IFS' market-leading, end-to-end solution that spans the entire upstream oil and gas value chain – from field operations and land acquisition through financial accounting.

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A field through financials mindset & approach

Streamline, simplify, and improve corporate performance. Provide visibility across your operation by connecting business processes and data from the field through financials. Eliminate reconciliations, rekeying of data, and business logic differences across teams using IFS’ proven solution.

The deepest and strongest solution

When it comes to upstream oil and gas, IFS is unmatched in depth of functionality and ability to manage all operations in all regions, from onshore horizontal pad drilling to offshore platforms. IFS has you covered with proven industry experience.

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IFS_Power of IFS Energy_Webpage Images_5_Market leadership

Market leadership

Put your trust into a partner that has not only served upstream oil and gas longer than anyone else – over three decades – but also has the scale, knowledge, and resources to continue to innovate and lead the digitization of upstream land, production, and accounting.

Ongoing commitment

IFS is steadfast in its commitment to upstream oil and gas software innovation. By utilizing the latest technologies to streamline and automate your business, you're ultimately met with reduced costs and improved operations.

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IFS_Power of IFS Energy_Webpage Images_9_Data-backed decision making

Data-backed decision making

If two wells have similar prognoses for improvement, working on the well that you have a higher interest in first will provide your company a higher return. Get the master data you need from an integrated system to inform important decisions.


  • Single source of truth
  • Clear and consistent business logic
  • Open APIs
  • Quicker availability of data
  • Visibility into operations 
  • Communication between land, production, and accounting

Lower IT spend

Companies often have limited IT support and budget to write and manage integrations between systems. Staff turnover and frequent upgrades can make this even more challenging. Having out-of-the box, end-to-end solutions eliminates IT dependency.

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