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Redefine productivity.
Supercharge your team.
Outperform the competition.

IFS.ai weaves through all IFS capabilities democratizing how and when you use Artificial Intelligence in your business

What makes us different    

AI driven enterprise cloud software for companies who want to differentiate on service 


A single composable platform 


Unrivalled industry expertise & capabilities


Embedded innovation powered by AI


Evergreen forever


Delightful customer experiences 


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Access our on-demand Release Showcase, a new way to learn about our innovative solutions. With our latest release, see how we can help you achieve business resilience by optimizing people, assets, and services, connecting global operations, and achieving ESG goals profitably.

IFS Cloud supports Elvia to solve the energy problems of tomorrow 

The evergreen IFS Cloud solution is supporting Elvia’s operational efficiency with over 1,200 daily users and thousands in the field.


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A Game-Changing Partnership: IFS and the Big Ten Conference

Explore IFS's partnership with the Big Ten Conference, a first in collegiate sports. Learn about our collaborative journey and the potential of technology in enhancing sports experiences.  


Delivering amazing moments of service for our customers

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