Defense Forces 

Defense Forces trust IFS for strategic planning of support, logistics operations, and maintenance of military assets


The IFS solution for the U.S. Navy N-MRO initiative has capabilities for planning and executing maintenance, repair, and overhaul of more than 3,000 assets and contributes to the enhanced support business functions for more than 200,000 sailors

Total asset visibility

Get command-level insights on all in-service assets. Actively manage the logistics network with an integrated approach to achieve targeted performance improvements and improved decision-making with defense asset management software from IFS.


Enhanced readiness

Precisely monitor asset availability rates and link policy changes to maintenance outcomes in order to achieve significant reductions in sustainment costs.

Operational agility

Confidently react to unexpected events and changing mission profiles to reduce asset time-out-of-service and optimize operational readiness.


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Supporting Assets

IFS Disconnected Operations: delivering ultimate survivability for mission effectiveness
Superior visibility, control, and compliance in your maintenance operation
Extend your asset’s lifecycle within budget while meeting strict safety requirements

Solutions for militaries and defense forces

Solutions and capabilities for defense forces

  • EAM for Military

    EAM software is an essential requirement for any complex military organization that needs to remain innovative and technologically aware in all its operations.

    IFS offers EAM cloud software solutions that can help your organization to manage asset maintenance, monitor the health of its assets, drive predictive maintenance, repair failures and optimize their performance from cradle to grave.  

    We can facilitate companies within the military sector, to understand their asset position and improve asset availability and reliability, ultimately helping to track asset lifecycle resulting in operational efficiencies in all areas. We offer quick and efficient rollout, ease of use and quick payback time. Our solutions are used by some of world’s largest military organizations.


  • ERP for Military

    ERP military software is an absolute requirement for businesses within this sector, especially when there is a requirement to adapt quickly to a potentially rapidly changing and challenging external environment. 

    A good ERP software can assist with managing the critical processes inherent in a military organization that will often need to act precisely and quickly at short notice. A proven end-to-end ERP solution can help with improving the management of equipment and parts and at the same time, comply with strict regulation.

    IFS offers ERP military software systems to help aid decision making and enable the organization to adapt to the rapidly changing environment within the military sector.  Our cloud solutions help drive business efficiency, provide cost savings and enable enhanced productivity, all within a single platform. 

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