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High quality information solutions, powered by IFS Tobin, to support critical decision making in the energy and resources markets

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Maintain enterprise datasets and leverage business intelligence and geological analyses with innovative solutions and accurate geospatial data. Gain a clear vision of your competitive landscape, understand future opportunities, and make well-informed decisions quickly and confidently.

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Quality information you can depend on

Having access to dependable grid, lease, ownership, and well information for the major oil and gas production areas in the United States allows users to see where their competitors are operating as well as where their assets are today and where future expansion opportunities may exist.

A unique vantage point

Gain a competitive advantage by integrating wells, leases, and pooling units to identify potential areas of open acreage or joint venture opportunities. Leverage cross-functional usage: land, business development, GIS analysts, and geotechs so all have the tools needed to make key decisions with clarity.

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THAT is our focus

Accurate information changes everything. With a reputation built on spatial accuracy, our focus on Information Quality provides customers with Thorough, Harmonious, Accurate, and Timely (THAT) data they can depend on to help them execute their workflows and confidently meet their objectives.

Customer-driven roadmap

By embracing innovative technologies, continually improving information quality, expanding coverage areas, improving delivery methodologies, and adding new layers and solutions, we actively listen and respond to customer needs in a continually changing business landscape.

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Scalable options to meet changing business needs

We help companies of all sizes see a clear vision of their competitive landscape. Leverage customizable licensing and coverage options with scalable areas of interest, from national or regional coverage to individual counties to focused areas of interest.

Enterprise-wide solutions

Data solutions all teams can access including data content, analytics, and data integration methodologies. 24/7 access to our most up-to-date information through the web-based IFS Tobin Data Portal or IFS Tobin REST API.

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IFS Tobin Products

  • Grid
  • Wells
  • Lease
  • Ownership
  • Pooling Units
  • Hardcopy Maps
  • Custom Mapping
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Customer support

With years of IFS Tobin experience and industry knowledge, our dedicated team is available to help answer product or technical questions and provide training and documentation.

Call 1-844-732-2472, option 6, to reach Tobin Support
Call 1-800-365-4484 to reach Tobin Sales

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