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10% increase in technician productivity, 25% increase in SLA compliance: manage service contracts and ensure the right tech is dispatched to the right place at the right time, with the right parts and the right expertise skills to deliver a first-time fix.

Transforming Facilities Management Operations

Over 30 Facilities Management organizations worldwide are using IFS software to accelerate growth and reduce operational costs. 100,000 facilities technicians and 70,000 subcontractor resources are supported by IFS property maintenance software.


Top 4 ways to optimize your service operations

The Facilities Management industry continues to grow; but shrinking real estate footprints, the drive towards sustainability, and changing customer expectations can affect your bottom line. Get the new industry paper to learn the top 4 ways to optimize your service operations.

Beat the skills gap

Attract high-performing field service technicians and digital workers.


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Solutions and capabilities for property and facilities services

  • Property and Facilities Management Software

    Property and facilities management software helps organizations to manage their repair and maintenance program via people, processes, buildings and technology.

    Whatever your business - whether it be a construction site, factory or corporate offices - having access to good property and facilities management software can ensure that your buildings are operating at their maximum potential.  Property and facilities management software can assist all stakeholders including property owners & occupiers and service providers & contractors, and help reduce maintenance cost, improve inventory, work order and supplier management resulting in much improved business efficiency.

    IFS offers property and facilities management software that enables you to manage your field workforce and service contracts effectively, hence helping to reduce operational costs ultimately resulting in accelerated growth for the business.

  • Property Asset Management Software

    Property asset management refers to the management of physical assets that support the business.  These assets can include retail & office units, utilities, machinery & equipment, vehicles and IT equipment plus a lot more.  Tracking and monitoring these assets, utility management, lease management and security management can be very time consuming.  

    Property asset management software can help your business to streamline operating costs, providing for more efficient processes and hence positively impacting the bottom line through business efficiencies and higher profits. This is why it’s so important to use the correct property asset management software to help process and manage all your assets.

    IFS offers property asset management software for businesses that manufacture & distribute goods,  build, manage and maintain assets ultimately helping your business to improve productivity. 

  • Property Maintenance Software

    Property maintenance software can help any business involved in assets, projects and services.  It can facilitate business efficiency, help improve response time and reactivity.  It can also help with effective job tracking & management, customer service, reliable quoting and reporting.

    If you are looking to improve your business productivity especially in today’s challenging environment, then access to good all-in-one property maintenance software is an absolute must.  

    IFS offers property maintenance and property services software that helps your business to optimize its operations and hence manage the complex needs of any property organization.  Our cloud solutions can assist you with managing all of your property maintenance and property services needs. 

  • Property Management ERP

    Property management ERP is mostly cloud-based customized software that can help accelerate growth and reduce operational costs for property companies across the globe.

    Property businesses have their own challenges and need to use the latest tools and processes to mitigate risk and maintain competitive advantage.  By using property management ERP, your company can address these issues, plan resourcing, minimise cost, increase business visibility, maximize productivity and improve communication throughout the organization.

    IFS offers a very good cloud property management ERP system that is easy to use, scalable, configurable and can help your business to manage and consolidate its operations, best serve your customers and support growth always.

  • Service Management for Properties

    IFS offers end to end workforce planning and service management solutions for the property and facilities management industry.  Our services can help transform facilities management operations, where currently 100,000 facilities technicians are supported by IFS property maintenance software.

    We also provide cloud solutions supporting assets, projects and services, ensuring quick response times and real time reactivity, helping you to positively transform your operations.

    IFS’ service management software offers optimum control across the complete service lifecycle and can help your business to optimize its service operations. We have enabled businesses to leverage cloud technology to increase efficiency, offer enhanced services and  optimize their service operations.

Solutions for the property & facilities management industry

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