IFS Field Service Management™ helps Associa standardize processes to better prepare for future growth

IFS FSM helps Associa standardize processes

IFS Field Service Management™️ on the Microsoft®️ Azure™️ cloud has helped Associa meet its challenges by providing a single, flexible solution to manage the service needs of its client base.

Building and managing successful communities for more than 35 years, Associa is the worldwide leader in community management with over 9,000 employees operating more than 170 branch offices.

With IFS Associa sees business value in a multitude of ways:

  • IFS Field Service Management hosted on Microsoft®️ Azure cloud
  • Mobile functionalities;
  • Improved service level agreement (SLA) management
  • Back office time savings
  • IFS Success services


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With IFS Field Service Management, we didn’t have to get three different pieces of software; it was a true end-to-end solution that met our high-level requirements.

Josh Warren

Assistant Vice President Field Service

About Associa

Associa is the worldwide leader in community management with over 9,000 employees operating more than 170 branch offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.


  • Provided one end-to-end solution to handle core business needs
  • Standardized work order processes across the organization
  • Increased billable hours
  • Improved oversight of Service Level Agreements
  • Enabled future growth without needing additional overhead

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Associa optimizes operations and increases financial performance

Associa has significantly increased its financial performance and productivity over the last three years, by optimizing its field service management operations with IFS Success.

Associa, the world’s largest property management company, optimizes its field service management operations through IFS Success enablement. The ability to streamline and automate several transactional areas with IFS has helped Associa improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction and increase bottom-line margins by a large percentage.

IFS Success gives Associa access to the IT resources needed to ensure the best possible performance and system uptime, so its revenue stream is not compromised. Learn how the company:

  • Improved customer satisfaction with a unified IFS solution 
  • Focused optimization resources 
  • Delivered a structured, planned IT approach for the business 

Read Associa’s story and advice for other customers considering IFS Success. Download the case study now.


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