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Real time AI optimized workforce planning software and workforce management software to boost first-time-fix and customer satisfaction


Field service scheduling for your mobile workforce of individuals, teams and contractors is complex. Customer-satisfying, first-time-fixes need the best technicians, with the right skills and parts, at the service location to meet SLA demands.

Intelligent workforce planning optimization in real time with IFS workforce optimization software

Change is constant, so scheduling the workforce should be too. True efficiency to meet challenging SLAs means balancing competing demands, incoming jobs and traffic, while seeking opportunities to combine jobs and planned maintenance reducing carbon emissions.

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Real-time scheduling optimization - no artificial constraints

Artificial constraints (like regions) limit optimization. AI solves huge workforce planning problems caused by constraints in seconds. Ongoing analysis of real-time data, like new jobs and overruns, allows just-in-time scheduling for the non-committed plan.

Konica Minolta Next Generation Field Service Management

Hear from Ged Cranny, Senior Service Consultant at Konica Minolta, why they transitioned from Click Software to IFS’ AI Powered Planning and Scheduling Optimization and the positive impact this will have on improving their first time fix rate, sustainability goals and workforce efficiency.


Efficiently blend appointments with reactive and planned work

Offer appointment slots during the booking process that suit your business and your customers. Align appointment times around existing committed work and business rules and constraints, like costs to perform, SLAs, and weighted value to the business.


Optimize scheduling to your targets and business goals

Target-based scheduling allows you to deliver enhanced customer service and business value by focusing your scheduling on your business KPIs, like the percentage of emergency calls you respond to in the target SLA, and even specific customer SLAs.

Optimize your business with IFS Scenario Analysis Software

Test how to adapt to a wide range of scenarios and predict future resources as contracts, customers, demand, and SLAs change. Confidently decide how you can improve performance, reduce vehicle emissions, expand, and more with predictive planning.

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