Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta are Transforming Field Service Management with IFS

Navigating the Next Generation Field Service Transformation Journey with IFS
Join Ged Cranny, Senior Service Consultant at Konica Minolta, as he shares the remarkable journey of implementing IFS's Next Generation Field Service solution. Ged discusses the challenges faced in harmonizing processes across diverse national operating companies, the selection process, and the ultimate decision to partner with IFS. Discover how IFS's commitment to listening, inclusivity, and innovation aligned seamlessly with Konica Minolta's vision. 

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“We chose IFS as a partner because they listened. Every time we went into a call with the different teams from IFS each person would be listening in a different way and be able to add value in their area of expertise.”

Ged Cranny

Senior Service Consultant

About Konica Minolta 

Konica Minolta currently have around two million customers in 150 countries. The company is a leading provider of digital workplace services, commercial and industrial printing, and optical systems for industrial use.

IFS benefits:

  • Automation and reduced manual work
  • Scalability and futureproofing
  • Harmonised processes across national operating companies
  • Continuous improvement and collaboration

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