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Optimize assets and gain better control of projects globally as you chart out new paths through diversification 

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Oil & gas companies achieve 22% increase in productivity with IFS


3 stories of resilience and profitability in oil and gas

Explore three oil and gas companies that are leading with technology to ensure a resilient and profitable business model including creating business value with Asset Lifecycle Management, managing a clean and resilient operation through Asset Performance Management, and using AI-enabled oversight for real-time Maintenance Planning & Scheduling.

Achieve end-to-end project and asset lifecycle management

IFS Cloud Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enables O&G (oil & gas) companies to support all stages of asset and project lifecycles, from planning to implementation, through to decommissioning. Along with safety and environmental considerations, O&G organizations rely on IFS to help minimize disruptions while optimizing productivity.

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Global oil and gas companies optimize mobile assets with IFS

A DNV certified enterprise solution designed specifically for energy companies that own and operate complex mobile assets in the onshore and offshore environment while staying compliant. Find out how IFS Cloud can improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Integrate and optimize upstream oil and gas operations

Streamline and simplify your upstream operation and improve corporate performance by connecting business processes and data from the field through financials.

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Choosing software for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

The number one priority for EPCs in the energy sector is to deliver projects on time, to a high quality, safely and achieve healthy business margins. To succeed, EPCs need a project centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that supports their complex processes and is built on an open platform so that it easily connects to other systems.

Planning and scheduling optimization (PSO): Top 5 use cases for upstream oil & gas companies

Proactively maintain critical equipment, save time and money, and optimize production with IFS. IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization tool restores order to the chaos, providing meaningful cost savings and efficiencies across the operation.

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Solutions and Capabilities for Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas EAM Software

    Oil and gas companies manage complex systems and processes. They need to define assets, manage materials and inventory, monitor asset availability and handle documentation. Oil and gas EAM software can assist your business to plan and optimize processes, track performance and provide analytics and reporting.

    IFS provides oil and gas EAM software that helps you boost asset availability and reliability. Our EAM solution for oil and gas companies can manage data collection, provide insights, control and stability, helping you to optimize the quality and utilization of your assets, offering increased productivity and enhanced shareholder value.

  • Oil and Gas ERP

    The oil and gas industry can be very complex and requires the accurate and efficient management of several processes and workflows. There are always increasing demands and the need to comply with both internal and external factors. Coupled with the increasing need for innovative energy products in the market, it can very quickly become a difficult task to manage all the intricacies of a successful business within this industry sector.

    Oil and gas ERP software can support functions including manufacturing, operations, project management, finance, inventory, supply chain, asset management, production, suppliers, distributors and customers helping ensure both growth and profitability.

    IFS provides oil and gas ERP software and enterprise solutions that will help your business increase efficiency and profitability regardless of external factors.  

  • Upstream Oil and Gas Software
    Upstream oil and gas companies need to manage their business from the field through the back office and beyond. They are under pressure to maximize the value of their assets and lower operating expenses. Upstream operators are seeking ways to digitalize their oil fields through automation while improving efficiencies.

    IFS provides oil and gas production, accounting, land management, and geospatial information software to help optimize business processes and performance with solutions designed for the upstream oil and gas sector.

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