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CrownQuest Achieves More Timely Reporting and Strengthens Service Within the Company

As industry lease operating expenses continue to climb and oil prices continue to crawl, one Texas-based E&P organization that focuses on identifying, acquiring, exploring, and developing oil and natural gas properties was searching for ways to execute at a higher level and rein in costs.

With IFS BOLO, CrownQuest’s oil and gas accountants could generate key reports, like JIB invoicing and revenue distribution processing, and quickly get the information in front of the company’s operational departments.


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"Our selection of IFS BOLO is another great step toward smarter, more efficient operations."

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, CrownQuest

About CrownQuest, Inc.

CrownQuest, Inc. operates in several areas of the continental United States, primarily in the Permian Basin. As an active driller, they’re also focused on achieving technical excellence and maximizing production.

  • Achieve greater value from increasingly complex assets
  • Track multiple ownership arrangements on a single division of interest
  • Manage complex business scenarios in revenue and joint venture accounting
  • Replace manual, error-prone processes with best-in-class solutions
  • Enjoy an intuitive UI built for growth-oriented companies

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