About IFS - delivering amazing Moments of Service 

IFS brings the next generation of cloud-based enterprise software for companies all over the world.


At IFS, we deliver award-winning solutions for companies who want to be their best when it matters most to their customers - at their Moment of Service.

We are growing. Faster than most.

"Our team has 6,000+ employees in more than 80 countries. We are trusted by 500+ partners and thousands of customers worldwide. Together, we are growing at 3x the market average."



What's your Moment of Service

There are thousands of things that go into making a business successful, but delivering at the Moment of Service is what really matters. IFS Cloud helps companies engage customers, empower employees, and optimize assets.

IFS Champions: real customers making real impact



Our culture and values

Our core values are: Agile, Collaboration, and Trust. 

We are proud of our open culture that attracts a diverse group of people who have the opportunity to improve their skills by working closely with customers to deliver amazing Moments of Service. 


Innovation – from Labs to Life

IFS Labs drives innovation and progressive thinking into products and solutions to all industries. We deliver the latest in consumer technologies and digital trends to create value and accelerate innovation to our world-class customers.

Recognition & Awards

News and updates

Andre Webb Trial
25 Apr 2024 News
IFS announces best Q1 results in company history with 26% increase in ARR YoY and 20% increase in Cloud revenue YoY
10 Jul 2024 News
IFS Acquires EmpowerMX
WEBSITE_Servitization research 1
11 Jun 2024 News
IFS to acquire Copperleaf
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