Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) Software

Empower field workers to focus on customer service through digital transformation of their core processes


Improve worker and community safety while achieving greater asset uptime with mobile workforce management solutions from IFS.

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Recognized as a leading Mobile Workforce Management solution

IFS is positioned in the Leaders Category in the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Field Service Managemement for Utilities 2023 – 2024 and continues to gain IFS recognition by leading industry analysts.


IFS Mobile Workforce Management

Unify your operations across your back office, dispatch centers and workers in the field to deliver business value; extending asset lifetimes, reducing outages, ensuring worker safety and regulatory compliance while minimizing operating costs.

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Real-time planning and management of asset installations

Measure, plan and manage complex asset installation projects against targets across the lifecycle of your project. For successful outcomes, leverage industry-based, best-practice configurable templates with mobile workflows for asset installations.

Safeguarding field workers and managing your fleet

Ensuring the safety of field workers and vehicles is essential. Knowing where your workers and assets are, where they’ve been, and how your fleet is operating, with real-time tracking, allows you to respond quickly to emergencies too.

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