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IFS shipbuilding and shipyard maintenance software is designed to deliver success for even your most complex assets


Over 4,630 projects successfully delivered with IFS by Babcock International Group

Royal IHC replaces 17 ERP systems with one version of IFS

With a clear plan for a single ERP system, this maritime specialist rolled out their global ERP backbone, based on IFS, across 37 operating units worldwide in just 2½ years.


ASC launches digital transformation program 

Submarine and warship builder ASC embraces their digital future. As part of the digital transformation program, IFS was selected to enhance operational efficiency in mission-critical areas. 

The race for the digital shipyard 

Shipbuilders, private vessel owners and ministries of defense are mandating and investing heavily in transformational technology that will reduce time, costs and risks in vessel production.


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shipbuilding and maritime

  • Maritime Software

    Maritime Software is used in the shipbuilding industry to manage ships day to day operations including for example vessel management, maintenance, operations and performance.

    Increasing fuel costs and potential environmental impact of marine operations are just some of the factors facing the shipbuilding industry today.  Good maritime and shipbuilding software can make a huge difference to any ship building organization helping the business throughout the entire marine lifecycle, from design, build through to operation.

    IFS Maritime Software can help ship building organizations with their everyday needs assisting with safety & compliance requirements, transparency of operations, increasing productivity, stock control and purchasing all within one IFS cloud platform. 

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Largest regional maritime facility manages mission-critical processes with IFS
The benefits of an integrated ERP solution for maritime project control
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Gain financial control of your maritime projects

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