Orchestrate your customers, people and assets with IFS Cloud

Deliver Moments of Service that delight your customers again and again to earn their loyalty and impact your margins 


Reduce complexity, costs, and risks. Plan, manage and optimize critical asset availability, service delivery and workforce productivity with IFS Cloud. Combine deep industry and function strength with intelligent and autonomous capabilities in a single product. 

USP A single composable platform

A single composable platform

Select the capabilities you need today and add new functionalities as your business evolves. Enjoy an AI-powered single-user experience, connected data, insights, and automation.

USP Embedded innovation powered by AI

Unrivalled industry expertise and capabilities

Experience new innovative technology in real industry contexts. Leverage industry-specialized processes, capabilities and dashboards to achieve optimal performance.

USP Unrivalled industry expertise and capabilities

Embedded innovation powered by AI

Leverage IFS.ai’s transformative technologies embedded within our solutions. Eliminate complexity and realize practical innovation quickly and efficiently.


Create business agility with a composable environment

Our unique composable solution enables you to pick the capabilities you need today and add more later, all tailored to your industry and needs. Create your value chains or switch on new functionality to expand your solution and meet evolving needs quickly. 

Sustainability embedded

IFS Cloud is the ideal solution to help hit your sustainability goals, with a strategic focus on supporting frameworks and standards including the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). Seamlessly embedding sustainability into processes, such as re-manufacturing to support circular operations, while tracking emissions and improving operational performance. Providing a single source of the truth, addressing the challenges of inaccurate and siloed sustainability data.


Cut technical complexity and drive digital transformation

IFS Cloud is simple to use, extend and scale so you can focus on what’s important. Get functional solutions that just work together, flawless user experiences, and innovation embedded from day one. Empower teams with solutions built for your industry.

"We chose IFS Cloud for its powerful capabilities, with the goals of gaining efficiencies, improving decision making and providing a premium user experience for our teams."

Chairman and CEO

The Ortec Group


Maximize the value of your IFS Cloud investment

Combining our industry experience with our trusted partners, customer success is a key focus at IFS. With engagement models to suit any business, you can extend your team with ours to realize both the outcomes and value you define.

Why IFS Cloud?

  • Industry-specific, tailored to your business
    IFS Cloud incorporates decades of expertise from our core industries to provide best-of-breed capabilities, all in one solution.  
    Industry-focused Lobbies: access configurable dashboards with an at-a-glance view of information relevant to your specific industry and role. Visualize data and keep critical metrics and actions in view or drill into the details.  
    Innovation: experience new innovative technology in real industry contexts such as field service remote assistance video calls using augmented reality. 
  • Innovation ready to use
    Transformational technologies embedded and available across IFS Cloud help you make practical use of innovation quickly. Embedding these capabilities in a single product removes complexity and lets us offer you unique capabilities that wouldn’t be possible with bolt-on solutions.

    • Remote Assistance: use embedded augmented reality video calls to provide remote assistance across service, maintenance, and more.
    • Machine Learning: use embedded machine learning to predict demand, score sales opportunities, and more. It includes unique capabilities to automatically optimize ML models based on your specific data and explainable AI (XAI) capability so you can see the reasoning behind the outputs from the ML models.
    • Process automation: get an embedded process automation engine that lets you automate activities within the business to streamline your processes and improve the experience for your people.
    • Advanced optimization: use industry leading optimization algorithms, driven by AI, to solve complex dynamic scheduling and planning problems, at scale and in rapidly changing environments. IFS Cloud also includes the ability to take advantage of ML on historical data, such as in predicting journey travel times.
  • Intuitive, seamless experiences
    Our user experience feels and works like the best consumer software, but it is designed to perform in complex scenarios and large, data-rich enterprise environments to help you work more efficiently. It’s intuitive to use and easily configured.

    • People-first, responsive design: the user interface design and resulting user experience in any app are fundamental to how effectively people interact with, use, and adopt the technology. IFS Cloud provides a consistent interface and user experience to ensure you can easily move from one part of IFS Cloud to another and quickly understand related dependencies. IFS Cloud is easy to configure to promote the information that’s most relevant to each user. It is browser-based and responsive, so it automatically adapts to your current environment—whether that’s a large desktop or mobile phone. Prioritize your workload and combine insight with action on any device. Use IFS Cloud in browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices.
    • Lobbies: access configurable dashboards that surface information that matters most to each role and can be tailored to individual and industry-specific needs.
    • Branded experience: convey your brand colors, logotype and imagery to employees and your end customers as they come into contact with field service, B2B self-service, and other parts of IFS Cloud.
    • Offline-capable mobile apps: native mobile apps are available for field service, maintenance, warehouse data collection, CRM, time and expense reporting, approvals, and more for those situations where you might need to work offline or integrate tightly with device hardware.
    • Office add-ins: sometimes, the best experience is provided within another application while you’re still accessing data and functionality in IFS Cloud. Our platform offers add-in experiences, like the IFS CRM add-in for Microsoft Outlook and IFS Business Reporter add-in for Microsoft Excel.
  • Connect and extend out of the box
    Connect and extend your IFS Cloud solution to your broader application landscape as well as a wide variety of platforms, tools, data sources, and more inside and outside your business. Whether you use a low-code platform to extend your solution with specific task apps or pull data to use in a machine learning model, your core software is built to connect and extend right out of the box. IFS Cloud is built around standards-based REST APIs, so everything you can do in IFS Cloud you can also do through our open APIs, making it simpler for you.
  • Up-to-date and secure
    IFS Cloud releases twice-yearly with new features, and functionality gives you fast access to our latest capabilities and improvements, keeps the impact on your business low, and helps you keep pace with the changing IT landscape. Monthly service updates ensure your software remains robust and secure every step of the way.

    We put you in control of your solution. From initial implementation for as long as you continue to use it, whether you manage it yourself or invite IFS or one of our partners to take care of things for you. 

Get real solutions to real business problems with IFS Cloud

From underlying intelligence that automates the prioritization of sales leads, to augmented reality that maximize first-time-fix rates in the field, IFS Cloud is here to help you.


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