IFS Cloud Release May 2023

Business Resilience, Accelerating in the New Reality


Explore IFS Cloud's innovation – two feature releases yearly, plus monthly service updates, all centered on delivering exceptional user experiences.

Discover the top features in this release

In the latest release, we offer the tools, innovations, and experiences to help accelerate in the new reality by optimizing people, assets, and services, connecting global operations, and achieving your ESG goals profitably.


Leverage automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

Improve your asset uptime & production capacity utilization, establish ESG targets and reporting, reduce the burden of compliance reporting… and so much more with IFS Cloud 23R1.

Customers choose IFS Cloud

IFS Pioneer customers like Cimcorp, Morgan Motors, and Suzuki Garphyttan have shown that developing business resiliency is not just a proactive measure but also a chance for innovation, differentiation, and growth for the future

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Manage your priorities no matter the challenges

With IFS Cloud, you can continue to manage your core priorities, even in the face of everyday challenges and constraints. Want to dig deeper into the release?

Latest release areas

  • Optimizing People, Assets and Services
  • Connect Global Operations
  • Achieve Your ESG Goals, Profitably

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