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IFS software delivers 29% cost reduction for mining companies

Improve performance of your mines 

Automate your business processes and improve your operational performance with disruptive mining software solutions. 


Maximize your asset throughout its lifecycle 

Imagine being able to reduce the lifecycle cost of managing assets and asset information in a totally integrated and open asset lifecycle management solution.  

Deliver on-time and on-budget 

Orchestrate complex projects. Gain visibility and transparency. Be your best when it matters the most—in your  Moment of  Service.


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Solutions and Capabilities for Mills and Mining

  • Mining Asset Management Software
    Mining asset management software can help organizations within the mining industry to effectively track and manage their assets. These assets can include expensive and heavy mining equipment used within this sector.

    IFS offers asset management software for the mining industry to help with the management of equipment and assets, including machinery, property and vehicles. Our EAM system can ensure that your assets continue to run reliably and efficiently. It can improve health, safety and compliance, and can proactively help with everyday decisions to repair or replace an asset towards the end of its lifecycle.

    IFS EAM mining software will ultimately assist you to manage your asset investments efficiently and within budget, allowing you to focus on the business.
  • Mining ERP Software
    Having access to a good mining ERP software is a necessity for businesses within this industry sector that are looking to improve their operational efficiencies. ERP software offers a whole host of benefits that can assist with financial, asset and human capital management. Additional key benefits of ERP software for mining companies can include entire project lifecycle management and real time reporting enabling your organization to monitor performance data at any time.

    IFS supplies Mining ERP software that is globally proven and can help you to maintain and consolidate all your business operations. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system or are considering to implement an ERP software for the first time, IFS can offer you the solution that you are looking for.

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Drive operational excellence across ‘life of mine’
Digital transformation of your mining operations
Maximize the productivity of your capital assets with IFS 

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