End to end mining visibility


Operational excellence is a deep discipline with its own set of professional practitioners and culture. At its core, though, operational excellence is really all about execution of a strategy, and specifically executing better than your competitors operating the same strategy.

In mining, this is of critical importance because everyone is really operating in a similar fashion. The mining company that executes on this natural resource extraction and marketing process successfully every time will outperform their competitor.

In ensuring this efficient operational approach, enterprise software has a role to play. Enterprise software including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) can standardize and streamline the core business processes of a mining organization, from exploration, feasibility, construction to operation and maintenance managing regulatory compliance/financial analysis and reporting results during the ‘life of mine’.

Download the whitepaper to know about operational excellence in mining and how to outperform competitors via ERP and asset management software and transformational technologies with IFS.


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