Aerospace and Defense Industry Solutions

Empowering through-life availability of critical assets for commercial aviation, defense integrators and A&D manufacturers


Independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of enterprise software with extensive knowledge of the Aerospace & Defense industry

  • Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers
  • Airlines & Air Operators
  • Defense Contractors
  • Defense forces
  • A&D MRO Providers

A project-oriented ERP for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Manage projects from design to through-life support and phase out, while controlling costs, increasing supply chain efficiencies, and achieving compliance.


Empower through-life availability of aviation assets

End-to-end solutions for commercial airlines, air fleet operators and airports, as well as companies providing equipment logistics, maintenance, repair and overhaul, or support solutions to airlines and aircraft operations.


Achieve readiness, optimized performance, and agility

Get a 360-degree command-level view of mission-critical support processes, performance, and value chains in order to enhance operational efficiency.


IFS - Delivering Total Asset Readiness®

IFS delivers military logistics solutions that enable an integrated approach to strategic planning of support, logistics operations, and effective maintenance of military assets.


Streamline your business and optimize efficiency with a single technology partner

Our aviation MRO software is built on industry standards, so you aren't locked into a proprietary technology. And our flexible, modular architecture helps you adapt and grow no matter where you are on your journey.


IFS named Aerospace and Defense EAM software market leader by ARC Advisory Group 

“IFS is particularly strong in the aerospace and defense market worldwide. […] The company has further extended its lead following strong sales of IFS Maintenix and IFS Applications to organizations across the A&D sector.”

Solutions and capabilities for aerospace and defense

  • Defense Software

    Defense software is used by aerospace, defense and military organizations to ensure the efficient running of their assets and to assist with overall strategic direction.  It needs to be secure and reliable, embrace technological innovation and offer best-in-class tools especially during challenging times.

    IFS offers software that supports many of the world’s largest defense projects. These defense projects include aircraft, naval and land assets.  

    IFS has unparalleled knowledge within the defense industry and is recognized as a leading global supplier within this space.  Through our end-to-end defense solutions, many organizations have been able to better manage their processes resulting in increased operational efficiencies and better process management.


  • Defense Contract Management

    Defense Contract Management offers many challenges to A&D manufacturers that often need to react quickly to changing geopolitical and market climates. Having access to good defense software is an imperative as it can ensure the right engagement levels within the business and help A&D organizations to manage and audit their processes better. 

    IFS has been supplying defense contract management digital solutions for decades and is well-versed and renowned within this space. IFS offers defense contract management software that encompasses both defense contract reporting and defense supplier classification. Our market leading cloud solution enables you to manage your complex programs and track progress of your defense projects throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • ERP for Aerospace and Defense

    The Aerospace and Defense industry can be very complex with many processes operating within a challenging environment. Aerospace ERP software can help businesses to service contracts, comply with global trading standards and regulations, and manage the end-to-end supply chain, enabling the business to quickly respond to rapidly changing market conditions and landscape. 

    Our cloud software supports many functions including advanced project management, resource allocation, data management and advanced analytics, forecasting and budgeting, helping drive innovation and achieve operational efficiency.

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