SEAKR Engineering

SEAKR Engineering aerospace data storage and processing systems specialist

SEAKR upgraded its instance of its IFS ERP software, leaving the company better prepared to handle larger projects and the tighter timelines associated with new space programs. Since 2011, they've utilized IFS's aerospace engineering ERP solution, streamlining operations from contract to project delivery. Upgrading to IFS in 2019 enhanced their capabilities for larger projects and tighter timelines, crucial with increasing demand.

SEAKR's flexibility is vital in adapting to the evolving landscape of commercial satellite and space programs, necessitating faster delivery with fewer constraints. Their reliance on IFS ERP ensures seamless coordination across various functions, from sales contracts to project management, enabling real-time visibility and control. Customizable features like IFS Lobby and Aurena further enhance their operational efficiency.


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"We currently leverage IFS for a large percentage of our company’s functions—accounting, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, quality management, and configuration / document management —every person in our company uses IFS."

Sara Green

Manager - Business Integration

About SEAKR Engineering

SEAKR Engineering designs and manufactures advanced data management, processing, avionics, and communications systems for all manner of spacecraft including manned space systems. SEAKR also supports worldwide satellite communications networks.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Full visibility and control
  • Forecasts of demand accuracy
  • Real-time visibility
  • Improved user configurable options
  • Ability to leverage custom fields

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