Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Deliver more insightful and profitable relationships with customers and prospects, with customer relationship management software from IFS


IFS Cloud’s CRM capabilities help business growth. Drive engagement with customers and prospects, across the entire relationship lifecycle, all from within your IFS ERP solution.

ifs_466_CB_ Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

CRM software enables you to enhance communications. Nurture and make the most of your customer interactions to ensure your organization provides top-of-the-game customer service.

ifs_466_CB_Sales forecasting accuracy

Sales forecasting accuracy

Our CRM system sets the right targets using AI-powered opportunity probability scoring so sales managers can act at all stages of an opportunity. Provide clear visibility of all ongoing sales activities.

Drive value from marketing campaigns

Communication with prospects and customers is key, and campaigns keep products, services and events front-of-mind for your customers to feed and nurture into the marketing funnel.

ifs_466_CB_ Drive value from marketing campaigns

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