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IFS engineering software supports you to successfully design, engineer and maintain the most complex assets


Gain complete asset control and improve operational transparency – helping engineers to mitigate risk by 20%

7 capabilities to futureproof your business

Whether you’re an engineering contractor, consultant, manufacturer, maintenance firm or a fully-fledged EPC, IFS ERP software helps you plan for today, prepare for tomorrow and be ready for whatever the changing nature of your business throws at you.


IFS is not just for engineers: here’s the CFO perspective

Of course, IFS offers an integrated business solution for engineers, but it does much more. With the project lifecycle as its focus, IFS Cloud supports CFOs with project control, accounting – and more – all within the same platform.

How modernization can optimize the engineering & EPCI value chain

Applying modern methods of construction can optimize the 5 stages of the engineering and construction value chain – improving your efficiency, profitability, and quality.


Here’s what customers are saying

Solutions and capabilities for engineering

  • Engineering ERP Software

    It’s important for engineering companies to have access to engineering ERP software that is not only cost effective, but also allows for quick implementation in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Engineering ERP Software used effectively, can result in time savings and increase in efficiency across the entire engineering project lifecycle.  

    It’s a given that engineering organizations often need to manage complex projects within time and budget.  Traditionally, this would have been difficult.  However, with rapid advances in technology and cloud software functionality, access to a good engineering management software has become a must-have.


    IFS Engineering ERP Software is a complete, integrated solution that can help global leading engineering companies to streamline their processes for better efficiency and enhanced growth. 

  • Engineering Project Management 

    Engineering Project Management is the process of managing engineering projects so that they are completed on time and with the most effective use of current resources.  

    Engineering projects can be very complex and multi-faceted, which is why project management software tools can make the difference between success and failure.  Good engineering software should have the capability and flexibility to manage multi-faceted projects both short term and longer term.  This is why it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right platform.

    IFS offers cloud solutions and engineering software that can help organizations better manage their complex projects to ensure timely project completion and success across all areas. 

Supporting assets

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Solutions for the engineering industry

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