With the IFS platform underpinning its business, CAMCE gained full visibility into its project-based operations

CAMCE increased the bid conversion rate for more projects to deliver on time and in budget. Furthermore, CAMCE consolidated its business operations, achieved quicker and more informed decision making while supporting business growth.
CAMCE required an integrated project-based system that could support all its projects, subcontractors, financials and reporting. After reviewing eight different vendors, they decided IFS was the right technology partner to deliver those requirements due IFS's extensive background with project-based companies.


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“The impact of IFS on the business is that if we didn’t have the IFS platform, we wouldn’t have survived. IFS software has built the foundation for our incredible growth”

Pan Xulong

General Manager, CAMCE

About China CAMCE

China CAMCE is a global engineering, procurement, construction company that focuses on large-scale turnkey projects for industries including transportation, municipal engineering, irrigation works, power, construction materials, food, processing, textiles, telecommunications, petrochemical industry, agricultural machinery and construction equipment, etc.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • 16% decrease in projects being delayed and no projects over budget
  • Complete visibility into the project portfolio
  • Quicker and more informed decision making
  • Streamlined and simplified processes

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