Upstream Oil and Gas Software for the Canadian Market

Land, accounting, and production solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the Canadian oil and gas market.

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Optimize upstream operations with IFS Qbyte, the premier back-office solution for the Canadian oil and gas industry. IFS Qbyte's best-in-class land, financial, and production accounting applications provide an unparalleled solution that allows customers to do more with less.

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Market leadership

IFS Qbyte is a household name in the Canadian oil and gas sector; our solutions have supported upstream oil and gas for more than three decades. IFS Qbyte Financial, IFS Qbyte CS Land, and IFS Qbyte Metrix offer complete functionality to operate faster, safer, and smarter.

Integration across your operation

Land, production, revenue, and accounting all under one roof for a seamlessly integrated back-office operation. Continuity, auditability, and improved data quality across your organization.


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Powerful reporting

IFS Qbyte Optix is a single application that reports across IFS Qbyte Financial, IFS Qbyte Metrix, and IFS Qbyte CS Land. This includes cross-product data comparison for divisions of interest and well information. The ability to drill down to master and transactional data helps teams work better together.


Extensive upstream resources

From our vast Wiki knowledge base to our virtual learning sessions, resources abound that empower you to use your software as effectively as possible and support your company’s efforts in maximizing the efficiencies gained through using IFS Qbyte.

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Improved data integrity and better-informed decisions

IFS Qbyte is designed with an array of robust integrity checks that ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of your data. With our software, you can trust your data and make better-informed decisions.


  • Financial Management
  • Land Management
  • Production, Revenue, and Regulatory Reporting
  • Qbyte 360

Configurability and time to value

IFS Qbyte can be easily configured to conform to your organization's unique and changing needs. IFS Qbyte is designed to be quick and easy to implement, helping you streamline your business processes and increase efficiency in no time.  

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Robust user community

A large user community offers a wealth of benefits, including access to valuable knowledge and resources, faster issue resolution, and opportunities for collaboration. With a vibrant community, users can learn from each other, share best practices, and contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the software.

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