Contract & Warranty Management Software

Minimize revenue leakage, meet customer service level expectations and create upsell opportunities with contract and warranty management software from IFS


Comprehensive contract management software allows you to accurately model and manage your commercial relationships. Reduce revenue leakage by delivering to contracted service levels and accurately managing warranty claims.

Deliver best-in-class warranty management

Poor warranty management means you are likely losing revenue. Improve your service revenues with thorough warranty management software.

ifs_465_CB_ Deliver best-in-class warranty management (2)

Minimize revenue leakage

Warranty management capability enables adjudication of warranty claims with accurate cost and revenue handling, including charge-back where applicable.

Deliver to customer expectations, and service levels

Over-delivering on service is great for customer satisfaction but not for your bottom line. Meet customer expectations by delivering service to contracted service levels, and no more.

ifs465CBDeliver to customer expectations and service levels
ifs_465_CB_Create revenue growth opportunities

Create revenue growth opportunities

Accurately managing and delivering multiple service levels across varied assets and customers enables upselling and cross-selling of additional services to grow your business. Understand service level benefit consumption to improve service levels.


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