Global Customer Success

Realize value at every step – from your first engagement with our business value engineering service, to every update


IFS Success is our engagement framework designed to create value and support you in your experience lifecycle with us – from adoption and engagement to software support – to help you convert your strategic priorities into defined outcomes.

Build your business case with our Business Value Assurance

We’ll work with you to define your business case with a Business Value Assessment that quantifies the value of what you can achieve. We’ll also design, document and visualize the overall scope of your IFS implementation project.

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Long-term value and satisfaction, trusted by customers worldwide

Get started with a Customer Success Plan to define the outcomes you seek.

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Trustworthy resources and knowledge

Continued success requires reliable access to expertise, processes and tools. Whether it’s technical IFS support, training and advice, or product update information, we provide self-service resources that help you maximize your investment.


  • IFS Business Value Assurance
    • Digital Business Value Assessments (DBVA) are an approach to Business Value Engineering that identifies business improvements such as efficiency opportunities, cost reductions and the potential move to best-in-class processes. In a short engagement using digital and remote interaction, DBVA helps establish where change would be most valuable. Our customers tell us that our DBVA creates a sense of focus and urgency that helps them stay on course.

    • IFS Scope Tool helps to design, document and visualize IFS Solutions. It is used to frame the scope so everyone understands what is included and what will be delivered in the implementation project.

  • Engagement Model

    IFS offers an engagement model which suits your business.


  • Deployment and management through the IFS Lifecycle Experience

    IFS Cloud offers new feature releases every six months and monthly, easy-to-consume service updates. We have built best-in-class tooling to enable smooth customer operation and consumption of updates and new capabilities. Early visibility of release information with bi-annual roadmaps enables customers to make necessary changes and adoption before enablement happens via the software. This gives your teams time to think about how to get the most out of new features.

    • IFS Lifecycle Experience Portal is designed to deliver an experience associated with your preferred residency option. Whether you are taking IFS Cloud software in our cloud, or have selected a different method of residency, we put you in control. The IFS Lifecycle Experience Portal empowers you to visualize and manage your implementation and maintenance decisions in an accelerated way.

    • IFS Cloud Build Place enables smooth operation and consumption of IFS Cloud capabilities. Accessible from your Lifecycle Experience Portal, it enables you to access innovation quickly and follow an evergreen strategy. It’s the fundamental building block of our lifecycle application management; a service where customers, partners and IFS can come together to customize, build and deploy the customer solution.

    • IFS Use Place is the operational production environment for User Acceptance Testing and configuration testing. IFS Cloud brings semi-annual feature releases with new capabilities, along with monthly service patches delivered via automated Build Place and Use Place updates.

  • IFS Academy

    Fully capitalize on the business value of our solutions through IFS Academy, with comprehensive training programs, enablement and certification.

  • Working with IFS Partners

    IFS Partner Success is our services program, approach, and framework to provide partners with support, advice, and guidance in all aspects of delivery, for all IFS solutions. Partners make an investment in their relationship with IFS and have the closest possible working relationship with us to:

    • reducing project risk
    • gain prioritized access to resources and enablement
    • access regular executive engagement
    • drive predictable outcomes


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