Upstream Oil and Gas Accounting Software

Accounting software designed to simplify complex accounting operations in upstream oil and gas.

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Automate time-consuming accounting practices, get a 360° view into your company’s financial performance, and eliminate spreadsheets and disparate systems. Achieve greater value for increasingly complex oil and gas accounting operations.

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Industry standard in oil and gas accounting

For over 20 years, IFS' accounting solutions have embodied the industry standard in upstream oil and gas accounting. Hundreds of companies and thousands of users in the U.S. rely on our software for its established level of quality and capability to operate their business.

Complete accounting automation

IFS upstream oil and gas accounting solutions eliminate the use of disparate tools and technologies. Instead, one robust system manages every type of accounting: financial & revenue accounting, budgeting & forecasting, joint interest billing, division of interest, and more.

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Integration across your upstream oil & gas operation

Benefit from a single point of entry for master data: wells, names and addresses, ownership, production, and accounting. Eliminate redundant data entry and reconciliations. Ensure continuity, auditability, and improved data quality across your organization.

Data access

IFS provides more ways to access your upstream oil and gas accounting data than anyone else in the industry. Whether you prefer analytic tools or spreadsheets, our data access options give you the ability to export, use, manipulate, present, and share your data with ease.

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Business intelligence and data visualization 

Our unique business intelligence tool offers seamless, integrated reporting and analysis that includes ad hoc data discovery, report creation, dashboards, data visualization, and pixel-perfect reporting. Key reports include LOS, payout, AFE budget to actual, and budget & forecast.


  • IFS Excalibur
  • IFS Energy and Resources — Enterprise Upstream
  • IFS Energy and Resources — IDEAS
  • IFS Energy and Resources — AFE


Audit and internal controls enable you to meet the most stringent oil and gas accounting regulatory requirements like GAAP and SOX, plus market leading ONRR and state regulatory support. 

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Time to value

Our proven implementation process allows your upstream oil and gas operation to be fully functional with our accounting solutions in 90-180 days. Easy-to-learn software with intuitive navigation and a logical structure makes that possible.


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