IFS Energy & Resources - Reporting: Brochure


Integrated reporting & analysis that unites data across energy solutions

Connect to a myriad of data sources and output analysis to PDF, XLS, PPT, and more. Using the same technology trusted by millions of users across thousands of companies, IFS Reporting is enterprise ready.

Learn how IFS Energy & Resources - Reporting:

  • Enables intuitive, ad hoc data discovery, report creation, publishing of dashboards, and pixel-perfect reporting in one solution
  • Connects data sources to get reporting and dashboards across disparate tools and systems allowing you to uncover key insights
  • Allows employees to create self-service reports via simple drag and drop
  • Empowers your team through ad hoc data exploration
  • Provides immediate insights through customizable dashboards
  • Creates calculated measures and attributes for use in a single report or across a domain


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