Enterprise Project Management (PM) Software Solutions

Deliver complex enterprise projects safely, on-time and on-budget.

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Projects provide an advanced set of tools tailored for specific industries. Project management ERP software from IFS gives you everything you need for a smooth and predictable delivery throughout the entire lifecycle for even the most complex of projects.

A single, centralized source of truth

The decision to implement IFS throughout the company has given APTransco an entirely better grasp of its business processes and increased transparency in the business. The result is more accurate business data, smoother, timelier maintenance work, automated processes that greatly reduce the risk of error, and the ability to tackle issues more swiftly.


Drive project control

Improve overall control of people, materials, logistics and supplies to keep projects on-track. Give your project managers access to real-time updates and tools so they can analyze the impact of changes.

Deliver against the wider strategy

Ensure projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and are built in-line with the requirements and goals of wider programs or business objectives.


Solutions for your Industry

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