Become an IFS Partner

IFS offers a structured approach to partnering that delivers value and choice.


We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships that connect our partners with new opportunities and deliver outstanding value. The IFS Partner Program is designed to give our partners all the tools needed for success.

Why partner with IFS?

When you partner with IFS, you’ll partner with a company that: 

  • Is easy to do business with 
  • Is globally recognized
  • Enables high revenue potential 
  • Believes in partner-first commitment to channels 
  • Provides best-in-class enablement and support programs 

Whether your focus is on selling and delivering enterprise software solutions, developing innovative infrastructure or servicing customers to help them realize their full potential, our award-winning partner program is for you. 


IFS is a global leader

IFS has been recognized as a leader in ERP, EAM and Field Service Management by industry experts for years. We continue to be acknowledged for user-friendly, agile and industry specific business software that enhances productivity and increases ROI.

Increasing business value for our customers

Learn more about the IFS Partner Program from some of our partners. Watch the video to hear about the value they’ve received from partnering with IFS and their favorite aspects of the IFS Partner Program.


Get to know our partner program

Find out what makes the IFS Partner Program different, the benefits of being an IFS partner and discover why joining the program can accelerate your company's success and increase the value your customers receive.

A structured approach to partnering

  • Partner Types
  • Partner Tiers

Types of IFS Partners 

Our partnerships are built on an ecosystem of companies that consist of three different partner types:

  • Commercial
  • Services
  • Technology
Partners who sell IFS software licenses. Includes Channel, Global System Integrators and Regional System Integrators. 
Partners who deliver Services to IFS customers. Enhances or expands the ability to deliver complex IT and managed services projects.
An organisation that provides complementary technology products to the IFS solution portfolio. The Technology Alliances products supplement and extend IFS functionality in a way that enhances our customers' experience and the value of their relationship with IFS.
Levels Of Relationship With IFS 

There are four tiers of relationships, which are categorized by the level of commitments and deliverables between the companies. 

  • Authorized
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
This is the entry point for building the foundation for a long-lasting business relationship. IFS will recommend best practices to help your organization increase sales opportunities. You will have access to training, marketing and sales resources as well as the opportunity to refer customers to IFS. Over time, we want to develop Authorized Partners into experts who sell complete IFS solutions.
Silver Partners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the IFS Partner Program to determine how IFS will complement their company’s strengths. At this tier, your expertise will come into play as you start to align with the IFS sales organization on a deeper level. Silver Partners receive all the Authorized level benefits plus guidance and support from the IFS Partner Office to maximize your investment. You’ll also have access to IFS tools and collateral to increase demand generation and speed up implementations to generate more profitable business. In addition, Silver Partners are eligible to participate in the IFS Marketing Development Fund program, plus receive discounted IFS event sponsorships, reseller margins on IFS software and allowed to run your business on IFS Applications.
A Gold partnership represents a deep and significant relationship between IFS and the partner. The Gold Partner level is a collaborative alliance with expertise in specific industries or solutions. You’ll receive all the Silver level benefits with increased usage of tools and increased number of users to run you business on IFS Applications, while experiencing greater visibility within the IFS sales organization. You will receive increased support from IFS, including an expanded profile, and collaborative marketing support.
Platinum partners have demonstrated proficiency in delivering customer value with a clear focus on selling complex solutions. Except from increased Gold Partner Level benefits, you will receive dedicated support from IFS, including top priority within our internal organization, exclusive co-sponsored events, concierge marketing services and business and executive reviews demonstrate the mutual commitment to continued success.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Contact the IFS partner team to begin the conversation on how IFS may connect you to your next big opportunity.

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