IFS Academy for Partners

Reach the full potential of what your company can achieve with IFS through official courses and training for partners 


With IFS Academy, partners have access to world-class training to make the most of IFS solutions and products. 

Enroll IFS Academy

IFS Academy offers training and certifications for IFS Partners, enhancing expertise in consultants, sales, and presales. Accessible through the IFS Academy learning management system, the training offerings include self-paced eLearnings, virtual classroom sessions, and virtual blended trainings. Targeting various roles, the Academy maximizes business value, streamlining onboarding for a faster return on investment.


IFS Academy for Partners 

IFS Partners have the flexibility to formulate their own schedules and learning plans, enabling them to cultivate in-house expertise in the IFS platform and products. This personalized approach empowers technical professionals to acquire a profound understanding of IFS solutions, qualifying them to provide informed advice on suitable solutions for their business and oversee their effective implementation.

Discover IFS Academy

Get started with your training by discovering the course that best suits your role. Check out our training schedule to view courses tailored to your needs. 

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