IFS Energy & Resources - AFE: Brochure


Approval workflow software for the efficient management and balloting of joint venture AFEs.

Expedite your AFE creation and approval process and control project overspend by providing instant visibility into what you spend on each project.

Learn how IFS Energy & Resources - AFE:

  • Accelerates and simplifies the process of creating and approving AFEs to get your project started faster
  • Provides visibility into your capital spend to control overspending on your expense AFEs
  • Tracks field estimates and actual costs and compares them against AFE budgets in real time to quickly identify variances
  • Generates out-of-the-box AFE costs, variances, trends, budgets, or master data reports
  • Digitizes AFEs - approvals and balloting - with Windows, iOS, or Andriod mobile devices
  • Reduces the time taken to create and manage AFE workflows, allowing more time to focus on the project



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