IFS Energy & Resources - IDEAS: Brochure


A multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-entity, globally compliant accounting solution for domestic and multi-national businesses.

IFS Energy & Resources - IDEAS is an international oil and gas venture management software. IDEAS handles financial management, supplier relationship management, partner relationship management, operations management, business intelligence and workflow management for international E&P companies, from start-ups to major independents and national oil companies (NOCs).

Learn how IFS Energy & Resources - IDEAS:

  • Replaces outdated technology with a platform that works across your browser, phone and tablet
  • Conencts directly to Power BI for visualizations and drill-down
  • Assures your operational, tax, and regulatory requirements are expertly handled. P2 IDEAS is proven with experience in over 65 countries.
  • Streamlines processes to manage your business and maintain cost targets
  • Maintains regulatory compliance with reduced effort
  • Recovers dollars with proper cost-recovery tracking and cost allocation
  • Leverages templates to ensure your implementation is on budget and on time



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