China Airlines

China Airlines & IFS: 10 years strong

In partnership for many years, China Airlines has leveraged the IFS solution to connect their systems and data in into one integrated solution to maximize their operations and deliver cost savings to their customers at the moment of service.

Jason Tsai, Vice President, Engineering at China Airlines discusses current challenges in the industry, and the importance of an integrated ERP to enhance reliability, touching on topics such as data gathering, mobility, preventative maintenance and digital transformation.

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Collectively, the positive results we have experienced to date cannot be undersold. Factoring in the cost reductions achieved to date, we are setting ourselves up well for stronger financial performance.

Mr. Sun Jia-Min

Senior Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance Organization, China Airlines

About China Airlines

Founded in 1959, China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan and a SkyTeam airline alliance member since September 2011. As of 2023 the airline operates a fleet of 91 aircraft with an average age of 9.9 years, including A350-900, A330-300, A321NEO, 777-300ER, 777F, 737-800, 747-400, 747-400F (cargo), 787-900.


  • 65 percent reduction of multi crew job card waiting time in heavy maintenance
  • 10 percent increase in line management process efficiencies
  • 10 percent increase in heavy maintenance manpower efficiencies
  • 3 percent increase in A Checks delivery efficiencies
  • Average addition of 30 revenue days per year through a reduction in scheduled aircraft maintenance
  • Average addition of 25 revenue days per year through a reduction in unscheduled aircraft maintenance

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Safer, faster, better: modern MRO and performance excellence at China Airlines

The role of modern MRO in performance excellence at China Airlines

With a proven implementation plan and the support of a committed vendor in IFS along with an internal team of champions, China Airlines is achieving and exceeding its business performance objectives, helping it remain agile and top of mind in today’s highly competitive aviation market.

For China Airlines, the promise of safety is the fundamental factor in delivering the best possible customer service. As Taiwan’s largest air carrier operating in the highly dynamic and competitive Asia Pacific market, strengthening China Airlines’ reputation as an industry leader in this area is a business imperative.


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