Oil & Gas: End-to-end project and asset lifecycle management

Achieve exceptional asset visibility from the field to the office, even in the world’s most extreme operational environments

IFS Cloud Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enables O&G companies to support all stages of asset and project lifecycles, from planning to implementation, through to decommissioning. Along with safety and environmental considerations, O&G organizations rely on IFS to help minimize disruptions while optimizing productivity.

This executive summary covers the three stages of successful asset lifecycle management:
  • Planning to define areas of improvement—with measurable success metrics—that support the goals of the business.
  • Implementing with a real-time view on performance, with anomalies quickly detected and flagged for immediate intervention, while predictive maintenance and scheduling capabilities eliminate unplanned downtime.
  • Decommissioning (off-boarding, transferring equipment and assets that are no longer needed, etc.) with detailed digital records of associated asset costing and performance data to expedite transfers.

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