Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Oil and Gas

Optimize and unite global onshore and offshore operations with IFS Cloud solution.


Streamline business processes and minimize risks and costs with IFS Cloud for oil & gas. IFS offers a single platform that addresses the full asset, project, and service lifecycles.

Unite oil and gas operations with onshore/offshore data

IFS offers a replication solution for offshore ERP in oil & gas that is based on a centralized database containing all data for your offshore assets, with a subset of that data synchronized to each offshore location.


CFOs meet real time cost control globally with IFS

In the energy sector, it is important to identify and select an enterprise solution that enables management of the complete asset lifecycle, with strong functionality in maintenance, advanced inventory management, procurement & logistics and financials.

Key reasons to choose Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud is a class-leading ERP solution that streamlines your business, grows customer service levels and unlocks cost savings.


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