3 Stories of resilience and profitability in oil and gas


Ensuring a resilient and profitable business model


The evolution of the oil and gas sector continues unabated, with companies leveraging technological advances to strengthen and grow the business. From rich, detailed IoT data generated by sensor-enabled equipment to powerful AI algorithms that examine and analyze the information, technology is helping the industry progress at an unprecedented pace. Yet even with the most advanced systems, the unplanned failure of a minor, seemingly inconsequential component will still bring the operation to its knees.

To overcome these challenges, oil and gas companies are modernizing how to manage assets and equipment, extending lifecycles and overall performance, along with the planning and scheduling maintenance workflows that support these outcomes. With contemporary asset management in place, operational resiliency is assured. 

In this eBook, we explore three oil and gas companies that are leading with technology to ensure a resilient and profitable business model including:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Creating business value.
  • Asset Performance: Managing a clean and resilient operation.
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling: AI-enabled oversight in real-time.

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