IFS disconnected operations: Military architecture software


Keeping eyes on the readiness of deployed assets has become even more of a challenge as military organizations continue to shift towards a more distributed operational model across land, air and sea. This is only exacerbated when military assets are deployed in forward operating environments and are disconnected for sustained periods of time—whether planned or unplanned.

Now, through the launch of IFS Cloud™, IFS is in pole position to provide the technology support and software architecture to enable the military and defense in-service support providers to get back in sync. As soon as connectivity is re-established, all asset data is aggregated, updated, and re-synced back to a main operating base—mitigating the impact of any outage.

'Going Dark’ doesn’t mean losing sight of military assets and critical information. IFS Disconnected Operations arms Military Operators with real-time insights into the force-wide availability and readiness of assets required to achieve Total Asset Readiness® even while existing in a disconnected environment.

Three key benefits:

  • Guaranteed asset compliance and baseline updates
  • Total Asset Visibility
  • Extending the core maintenance system to deliver “Anywhere Operations”


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