Extending the service life of military assets


There are four key maintenance and support challenges of lifecycle extension programs.

There are some key pain points when retrofitting, upgrading or customizing existing military aircraft—regardless of the role it serves and the people who operate them.

  • Airframe life extensions means tracking new data
  • Spare parts availability and a 360-degree view of the supply chain
  • Scarce resources and skill transfers
  • Maintaining force capability and capacity

Given market, political and cost fluctuations, fleet life extension isn’t something that will go away. It is now a key consideration for military procurement and asset management. Extending any equipment beyond its intended service life is a process that needs to be properly managed and delivered. As we can see, it is a complex process and the potential roadblocks are many—all of which can be navigated with the right approach to managing these projects. Those who act quickly and take control of these projects with the right organizational processes and software support will reap the rewards of increased efficiency, safety and force readiness.

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