The power of IFS energy: Brochure

IFS_Power of IFS Energy_Webpage Images_1_The Power of IFS Energy


Eliminate manual, burdensome, and error-prone tasks through IFS' market-leading, end-to-end solution that spans the entire upstream oil and gas value chain – from field operations and land acquisition through oil and gas accounting.


Download this brochure and find nine reasons why a field through financials approach in upstream oil and gas is beneficial:


    1. Simplifies your business and improves corporate performance
    2. Gives you quicker and more accurate insights into your operation
    3. Lets you operate using a single system of record
    4. Improves accuracy and reduces time to close
    5. Automates manual efforts and reduces overall costs of managing land, production, and accounting
    6. Simplifies and ensures accuracy of land payments between land and accounting
    7. Reduces your infrastructure and internal application support cos
    8. Reduces the effort to manage ownership across systems from land, accounting, and production
    9. Easily ties production data to accounting to eliminate discrepancies and provides the ability to report net production and sales volumes

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