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Radley Corporation provides a platform of EDI, Warehouse and Manufacturing solutions which allow organizations to re-engineer their business processes and workflows for optimum efficiency. Incorporating industry-specific functionality in a configurable and easy-to-use interface, Radley offers enterprise-class Bar Code Data Collection, Inventory Control, EDI and Asset Tracking software that adapts to your unique requirements. Affordable whether integrated to your ERP or implemented as a standalone solution; Radley consultants have the expertise to evaluate, install, configure and support your needs whatever your industry and environmental challenges may be.

A competitive edge is crucial in today’s manufacturing world; find out how Radley can help get your workforce operating at maximum productivity, production costs lowered, compliance/quality standards met and overall efficiency increased, all while continuing to grow your business. Visit our website to learn more. 

Traceability: Easily collect, store and trace data backwards and forwards in the supply chain to reduce the time and costs associated with compliance audits, investigations or recalls.

Integrated Data Collection: Capture and communicate data in your warehouse and manufacturing operations with your back-end business system(s).

Task Management: Consolidate workflows and interleave tasks to increase warehouse productivity. Create tasks based on priority, security level, work zones, equipment requirements and more by controlling the release and allocation of orders, replenishments and other warehouse activities.

Containerization: Radley's Containerization & Kitting solution provides powerful options for grouping, packaging and tracking related items. Implement as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to compliment your existing ERP or Business System.

Container Tracking: Radley can help you address asset tracking challenges with everything from a single component to returnable transport items and specialized tools. Reduce waste, pilferage and damage to assets in your assembly plants, trailer yards, warehouses and maintenance depots.

Asset Tracking: Manage and control critical assets within manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution operations. Our easy-to-use software is configurable to meet your specific processes, workflows and industry requirements.

Inventory Control: Radley Inventory Control is an affordable inventory tracking solution that allows you to manage unlimited items at multiple organization levels. Perfect for businesses of all sizes because of its scalable design, flexible features and simple integration into multiple back-end systems.

Labor Tracking: Automatically collect time metrics against jobs, tasks, projects and work orders allowing labor and machine performance be measured, analyzed and reported against.

RFID Solutions: Radley combines the expertise of industry leading RFID consultants with the latest technology in portals, tags & readers to our comprehensive platform of MES & WMS software solutions.

Human/Machine Interface: Radley’s Shop Floor Control solution gives users one, easy-to-use interface to perform multiple interactions; replacing manual entry processes, hand written lists and “tribal knowledge” by applying rules configured to validate specific shop floor requirements.

EDI: Radley’s end-to-end EDI platform of solutions and services will help you to increase overall productivity, streamline order processing and eliminate manual data entry. With over 40 years of experience, we have everything you need to implement EDI.

Hardware: With over 40 years of experience and implementations worldwide, our consultants have the expertise to evaluate, recommend, install, configure and support your hardware needs; whatever your industry and environment.

Radley’s platform of EDI/MES & WMS solutions extend IFS Applications allowing companies to fill gaps within their unique and often complex manufacturing processes without costly customizations. Configurable, easy to use, and compatible for use on a variety of mobile and rugged devices; Radley helps to enhance the IFS Application user experience while meeting an organizations specific industry and customer requirements. A seamless, real-time connection between Radley products such as Traceability, Data Collection, EDI & Task Management and IFS Applications is achieved utilizing a pre-built integration which greatly reduces reimplementation costs for future IFS upgrades. With an in-house staff of knowledgeable consultants, Radley partners with IFS Applications to serve a variety of industries around the world.


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